Features Specifications: PVC Shrink Film For Packaging
PVC Shrink Film is made of film blowing and adopts the materials
which have reached the international food level. Our products have passed
the standard of SGS-FDA and SGS-RoHS test. 

It has good limpidity, uniform thickness and good level. 
Special sizes can be made according to the requirements.

It can easily shrink in low temperature, and can be adjusted the shrink rate according
to the requirements of the customers. 

We can produce roll materials and open-edge materials as well as bags (including
bottom sealed bags, radian and cutting-angle bags) according to the requirements.

1. Product name: PVC Packaging Shrink Film
2. Material: PVC
3. Width: 30-1200mm
4. Thickness: 0.015-0.1mm
5. Length: According to requirements
6. Shrink temperature: 100-130°C
7. Shrinkage rate: TD (horizontal shrinkage rate) greater than or equal to 50%; MD
(vertical shrinkage rate) less than or equal to 5%

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